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Over the last 20 years or so, I have produced a vast range of high profile corporate work for numerous clients and applications (please see my credit list for a selection of clients).


Ian Marsh Productions has, over the years, been responsible for films ranging from costume dramas to complex aerial shoots. We can handle anything from a simple 1 day shoot and edit, to a global campaign.


Being a small yet highly experienced operation we are extremely efficient and personal and have the flexibility to work within restrictive budgets and timeframes.


With my extensive broadcast experience, I can ensure even the most complex or mundane information is presented in a clear and entertaining format.


My showreel gives some idea of the variety and quality of past productions.


Here is a short film from a series recently produced for Wohr - a company that builds and installs clever underground parking systems.




Who am I. Where am I. What do I do?

A list of some of my more recent producing / directing work

A few examples of recent work produced / directed by myself. You can also find my showreel here

Tel  +44 (0) 1367 253 927

Mob +44 (0) 7860 264 812

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