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Lost Tribe of Palau

60' special documentary for National Geographic


Producer / Director: Ian Marsh

Exec Producer: Natalie Humphreys


This documentary follows a team of scientists as they investigate the discovery of a small pile of highly unusual fossilised human bones in an island cave near the remote island of Palau in Micronesia.


The project involved two main crews, filming in extremely challenging conditions for long periods of time.


We follow the team as enter the newly discovered 'bone cave'. Here they soon start to uncover many more remains. The bones all belong to what appear to be small adult humans. But who were they, why were they so small... and how did they get there?


We follow Prof. Lee Burger as he leads a team of top scientists and archaeologists into a mystery that could turn much of what we think we know about human evolution on its head.

Produced, directed and edited by myself (no, I didn't write the theme tune).




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